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2019/09/07: After the fair is before the fair! Richard had a blast show in Amsterdam last weekend and is already into producing new stuff for his attendance at Spectrum Miami Art Show in December. Stay tuned for more information.



2019/08/19: Limited Editions of high-class photoprints on Fuji Crystal DP II paper of some of Richard´s works are available now exclusively via Richard (richard[at] Most of them are 40x30cm and limited to 50 pieces, signed and numbered. One of the Editions (Untitled 19-1) is 20x30cm and limited to 30 pieces.



2019/07/25: New Richard Reuys interview with Amsterdam International Art Fair is online HERE. Enjoy reading!

Interview with Amsterdam International Art Fair



2019/05/16: Richard´s paintings are also available via Singulart, Paris now. Check it out!



2019/05/03: Next show confirmed: Richard will attend SPECTRUM Miami Art Show 2019, December 04th-8th

The Fair will take place at Mana Wynwood, 2217 NW 5th Avenue @ NW 22nd Street, Miami, FL 33127



2019/04/24: Richard will attend Amsterdam International Art Fair 2019, August 30/31

AIAF will take place in Amsterdam at Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ



2019/04/13: The new collageTwo Rabbits“ is now available at Also find his works here



2019/04/02: Richard Reuys created a sculpture for the Water Event during the Yoko Ono retrospective called Peace is Power at Museum der bildenden Künste (MdbK), Leipzig

Shishi Odoshi

The sculpture is based on a „Shishi Odoshi“, a fountain used in Japanese gardens to frighten away unwanted animals. But the sound of flowing water and the repetitive sound of a pipe hitting a rock also create a calming, meditative effect.

Apart from water, the sculpture consists of two US Army discarded missile containers, a stone, and a pipe system with a pump. The containers serve on the one hand as a vessel for the water and on the other hand as a holder for the well inlet.

The complete object is painted white. Only the type plates indicate the original purpose of the containers.

Appearance and meaning

The pure and white appearance, the soothing sound of the vivid watercourse and the recurring tapping of the fountain system transform the former missile containers into a peaceful yet dynamic sculpture.

Not alone, but in their interaction water and object symbolize the power of peace.

The dimensions (LxWxH):

280x160x130cm / 110.3x63x51.2 in., 300kg


Richard Reuys and Yoko Ono Sculpture
Sketch 1 of the Water Sculpture by Richard Reuys and Yoko Ono for the Water Event at the Yoko Ono retrospective called Peace is Power


Richard Reuys and Yoko Ono
Sketch 2 of the Water Sculpture by Richard Reuys and Yoko Ono for the Water Event at the Yoko Ono retrospective called Peace is Power



2019/02/20: New works „Crucifux“ are available in several liturgical colors now

Crossed cocks to symbolize the sexual abuse scandal of the catholic church


2019/01/01: If you´re in Hanau/Germany during January, you can see the paintings Threat and In Utero at Galerie Arp


2018/11/29: New Webdesign online


2018/11/05: And here´s another article about the Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, including a picture of Richard´s booth: Journal Frankfurt


2018/11/05: BILD Frankfurt wrote about the painting „Threat“ a.k.a. Penis-Pistole, shown at Discovery Art Fair:


2018/11/05: We had some great days in Frankfurt at Discovery Art Fair. You´ll find a nice review about the Fair, including a picture of the paintings Kriemhild X and Siegfried X at


2018/09/27: Check out Richard´s the interview with art historian Ana Bambic Kostov from the Discovery Art Fair:
Discovery Art Fair (english)
Discovery Art Fair (deutsch)


2018/09/25: This November Richard Reuys will show some of his latest works at the Discovery Art Fair in Frankfurt/Main at Messe Frankfurt. More information coming soon.


2018/08/16: Here you´ll find most of Richard´s recent works including the infamous Penispistole: Works of Art

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