News about German Artist Richard Reuys

2019/02/20: New works „Crucifux“ are available in several liturgical colors now

2019/01/01: If you´re in Hanau/Germany during January, you can see my paintings Threat and In Utero at Galerie Arp

2018/11/29: New Webdesign online

2018/11/05: And here´s another article about the Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, including a picture of my booth: Journal Frankfurt

2018/11/05: BILD Frankfurt wrote about my Painting „Threat“ a.k.a. Penis-Pistole, shown at Discovery Art Fair:

2018/11/05: Had some great days in Frankfurt at Discovery Art Fair. You´ll find a nice review about the Fair, including a picture of my paintings Kriemhild X and Siegfried X at

2018/09/27: Check out the interview with art historian Ana Bambic Kostov from the Discovery Art Fair:
Discovery Art Fair (english)
Discovery Art Fair (deutsch)

2018/09/25: This November Richard Reuys will show some of his latest works at the Discovery Art Fair in Frankfurt. More information coming soon.

2018/08/16: Here you´ll find most of Richard´s recent works: Works of Art

News about Richard Reuys

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